About Us

Our goal is to foster a life long passion for skiing and ski racing. With a fun, supportive and challenging environment we help athletes reach their ski racing goals and dreams. We work with each athlete and family individually to develop a progression track that aligns with his or her goals.

Mad Alpine offers a range of programs from introductory to elite to meet the various needs of athletes. Our experienced, professional coaching staff has a passion for the sport that is infectious.

We look forward to working with you!

Where do we train?

Mad Alpine is located in Madison, Wisconsin. We are lucky to call Tyrol Basin our home mountain. Tyrol has been a great partner and provides us with superb conditions and terrain options throughout the season. 

Tyrol Basin is located just 5 miles north of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin and 20 minutes west of Madison. Tyrol's 17 tree-lined slopes extend over 40 acres on the 300-foot vertical hill.