About Us

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about us! Mad Alpine is comprised of a group of people who have a passion for skiing and sharing it with others. We can’t wait to share it with you and your family too!


To provide and continually create skiing opportunities for athletes within our community to strive and to grow.


Through learn to ski and ski racing programs, Mad Alpine, strives to create a supportive, high quality learning environment that positively builds up youth in our community in an effort to instill a life long passion for the sport, development of strong people and athletes by supporting dreams of all sizes.


  • INSTILLING PASSION: We are a community that loves to ski and to share our passion with others. We have positive attitudes and are looking to have fun each day.

  • FORWARD PROGRESS: We strive to improve and learn each day as coaches, athletes and leaders. We are open to change and new opportunities that bring progress and direct benefit to our members.

  • SUPPORTING DREAMS: We are a community that supports each other. We build each other up and build confidence. We are respectful members of our community. We provide program offerings that support dreams and goals no matter what size.

  • BUILDING LEADERSHIP: We are building leaders in our community. We lead by example, we take ownership and work hard each day.

With a fun, supportive and challenging environment we help athletes be the best they can be. Mad Alpine offers a range of programs from introductory to elite to meet the various needs of our members. Our experienced, professional coaching staff has a passion for the sport that is infectious. We look forward to learning more about you and your athlete.

Where do we train?

Mad Alpine is located in Madison, Wisconsin. We are happy to call Tyrol Basin our home mountain but we travel to many ski resorts across the midwest and nationally to give our athletes new experiences.

Tyrol Basin has been a great partner and provides us with superb conditions and terrain options throughout the season. Tyrol is located just 5 miles north of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin and 20 minutes west of Madison. Tyrol's 17 tree-lined slopes extend over 40 acres on the 300-foot vertical hill.

Mad Alpine Program Founders: Sydney & David Koop

Mad Alpine Program Founders: Sydney & David Koop


racing organizations we work with

Mad Alpine athletes that progress into ski racing have two fantastic options - Midwest Alpine Racing or US Ski competitions!

Midwest Alpine Racing: For a fun local recreational (yet still competitive) league athletes can compete in Midwest Alpine Racing events. These events are run at local ski areas in Madison and Milwaukee and are comprised of six ski clubs: Mad Alpine, Parks, SWAT, Ausblick, Lakers and Holy Hill. The events are fantastic for all ages - great for children trying racing for the first time and also great for athletes all the way through into High School as it allows them to compete against other high school racers in our region outside of the local Madison high school circuit.

US Ski: US Ski & Snowboard is the governing body of ski racing in the United States! This is the main pipeline of racing for skiers wishing to progress to the highest levels in our sport (college racing, national and international racing, and for those who have aspirations of qualifying for the US Ski Team, etc). These races typically require more travel to destinations throughout the Midwest (and possibly even nationally for older age groups). US Ski races are traditionally fun, well run, competitive and require a higher level of commitment from the athlete.

Mad Alpine is a US Ski and Snowboard certified club.

Mad Alpine is a US Ski and Snowboard certified club.