Program Offerings

Mad Alpine offers a variety of programs for those that are new to ski racing all the way up to high intensity elite athlete programs. We have a program and a clear development track for almost anyone interested in this fun, lifelong sport. All of our programs are run by professional, experienced coaching staff.  All coaches are registered US Ski & Snowboard coaches that have been background checked and are continually seeking education to improve their coaching skills. 

Not sure where to start? Take look at our program offerings below.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you find where you or your athlete best fit.


Mountain Explorers (Ages 4-11)

This program is all about exploring the mountain, learning new skills, becoming stronger skiers, and introducing kids to ski racing in an fun, support environment. Athletes can select from one or two sessions per week. 

INTRO TO RACE (Ages 5-13)

Intro to race is our transition program between the Mountain Explorers program and our Junior Race program. The focus of the program is to continue to develop a strong skiing foundation outside of the race course and then to take those skills and translate them into a race course. This program is a fundamentals and training program that will also include at least four racing experiences during the season.

junior race (Ages 5-18)

Junior race is our introductory racing program where athletes compete in the Midwest Alpine Racing (MWAR) circuit. The focus is on building strong fundamentals at training practices which are held twice per week. Athletes are then are able to compete in a fun recreational league against other kids their age throughout Madison and Milwaukee with MWAR. There are two MWAR programs available one for U14 and under athletes and another listed under our High School programing for U16 and up athletes. 

High School PROGRAMS

High School ski racing is a huge part of Wisconsin skiing culture! We offer training opportunities one or two evenings per week to high school athletes looking for extra training during the season. In addition to our training only option, we have a program option that allows athletes to compete in our Midwest Alpine Racing (MWAR) program. MWAR provides high school athletes with another avenue to race against tons of high school athletes across not only Madison but Milwaukee - many of whom will compete at Wisconsin High School States in La Crosse each February. Our focus is to provide this group with a high quality training environment where they are challenged and supported. This group will have access to highly experienced US Ski certified coaches and they will have the opportunity to train with US Ski athletes each evening. 


Mad Alpine is a US Ski and Snowboard member club and we offer programs for all age levels. Each age group is led by its own dedicated USSA-certified head coach who have extensive background in both ski racing and coaching. Athletes in this group train two to three evenings per week, plus have a ton of other training opportunities throughout the season, and have a more extensive travel schedule where they compete in US Ski Region 2 races throughout the Midwest. Athletes in the U14, U16 and U19 age groups have the opportunity to qualify and participate in championship events at both the Divisional and National levels. 

FIS Team (U19+ athletes)

The FIS team is an extension of our US Ski Programs for athletes in the U19 age group and up. Athletes in this group compete in FIS (International Ski Federation) events throughout the midwest, nationally and can even compete internationally. This is an elite program for our highest level athletes many of whom are looking to compete in college or may have aspirations of making the US Ski Team. 


Mad Alpine partners with UW Madison's USCSA athletes to provide supplemental training opportunities and FIS race support. 

program progression

Skiing is a fun sport with endless opportunities to compete at various levels. To help you navigate the athlete progression, outlined below you can see what the core focus is by age group as athletes develop and age. Creating a strong love for the sport and a strong skiing foundation is essential at the younger ages which is where our Mountain Explorers program starts. As athletes develop and progress, the focus becomes more specific and skill sets more refined. 

2019-2020 Ski Season Age Groups by Birth Year

2019-2020 Ski Season Age Groups by Birth Year

program tracks

The bottom chart outlines the program tracks available to Mad Alpine athletes. There is no right track and many athletes within our program are on varying tracks based on their skill progression and goals. Ultimately, no matter which track is taken or where someone exits on the track, we hope that your time with Mad Alpine is one that leaves you with a lifelong love for this sport. We hope to work with your athlete this season and are happy to answer any questions that you have.