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team manual

Mad Alpine's team manual outlines information on programs, our training models, equipment rules and recommendations, the concussion policy, the parent code of conduct policy and athlete code of conduct policy. Please click here to download: 2019-2020 Mad Alpine Team Manual - COMING SOON.

race volunteering

All ski racing events are primarily run by parent volunteers. It is important that at most weekend events that someone from your family is stepping up to volunteer their time to help ensure our races are run efficiently. We have an amazing group of families that do this each weekend and we are thankful for all that they do! 

US Ski Races: There are a variety of jobs on a given weekend. Please visit the Region 2 Central US Ski website for a list of jobs available and further details on how to sign up for a job on the DIBS page. Note that some jobs require an Alpine Officials Certification, require that you purchase an officials US Ski license and possibly go to an Alpine Officials Clinic. US Ski races are in need of more race start and finish referees as well as people to help in timing. To start the certification process, you first get an officials license on the US Ski website to become a member. This includes a background check for all of our volunteers. Second, complete this training and test online to become a Competition Official. Once completed, you can then participate in our annual Alpine Officials (AO) Clinic to gain additional certifications (such as referee or timing and calculations). The next AO clinic is scheduled for October 28th & 29th in Wausau; one day attendance is all that is necessary. Visit the R2 website for details on the AO clinic and to sign up. 

Midwest Alpine Racing (MWAR): Similar to US Ski, there are a variety of jobs available to support races but they do not require certification. The MWAR website outlines these jobs and descriptions. We will have a parent coordinator to secure volunteers for each race weekend. 

Thank you for your time! It truly makes an impact and we are grateful for all that you do. 

EquipmenT & RULES

Not sure where to start with equipment? Please review both our general equipment recommendations chart and ski length chart

US Ski: For any athlete that plans to participate in a US Ski races during the season, they are required to conform to the US Ski equipment standards. For all US Ski Equipment Rules please refer to rules page on the USSA website. This link will ensure you are seeing the most recent versions of all information. 

MWAR: To review the full MWAR rules please go here. There are not any specific rules on skis for MWAR but you are required to wear a hard shelled helmet at all events and you are not allowed to have slalom guards on poles while competing in giant slalom events. 


Coaches develop a training plan for each evening with each of our groups. The training plans are designed to provide a strong progression each evening while keeping in mind the bigger picture of the season, goals, competitions in the future, etc. Athletes should arrive on-time each evening and should plan to stay the full evening. We understand this is not always possible but arriving late could mean that the athlete misses important instructions and progressions. We HIGHLY encourage additional free skiing before practice to warm up. 

Please come prepared to practice with the right equipment and clothing layers. We practice in all conditions! With that said, if we find we need to cancel practice due to weather or concerns with the safety of conditions, you will receive an email as soon as possible that day but no later 2 hours prior to the start of practice. 

Mountain Explorers: Athletes should meet coaches at the bottom of LIFT A at Tyrol at 5:00PM sharp each evening. The general outline is that they will spend the first half of practice skiing and exploring the mountain while working on skills. The second half will be even more skill focused working on drills and introduced to race courses. Breaks will be taken as needed and often the weather and how cold the athletes are dictates those breaks. At the end of practice, parents should meet the athletes in the lodge on the upper level. 

MWAR/High School/USSA: Athletes should check in at the top of the days training run at the start of practice. What we are training and where will be posted on the Mad Alpine calendar page. Each evening we will have a drill of the night which can also be found on the calendar. Once the athletes are warmed up they will move into a drill progression followed by gate training. Earlier in the season will be more drill focused for all groups. U12 and under athletes throughout the season will focus much of their time on building a strong foundation in and out of the course environment. The older athletes will also work on refining their foundation but will progress into gate training a bit sooner. Athletes will receive frequent feedback during the evenings but should not expect it each run. Change takes time and lots of repetition! It is also essential for the athletes (especially as they become U14 and U16s) to be able to self evaluate. The more they understand their body, how it functions in relation to their equipment/terrain/etc., what works and what doesn't for them, the better they will be able to make adjustments. 

race day what to expect

Pre-Race: Each race we attend has a fact sheet associated with it. The timing of the fact sheet release depends on the competition but typically you will see the US Ski fact sheets posted on the Region 2 website two weeks in advance. The MWAR fact sheets come out the week before the race and will be emailed out by your coach. Typically one or two days in advance of the race, you will receive an email from the program director outlining all of the weekend details. 

Race Day: Athletes should plan to arrive at the ski hill at least 45 minutes prior to the posted course inspection time.  This will allow enough time to get dressed, purchase a discounted lift ticket and possibly take a warm-up run. Your athlete should plan to be at the top of the course at the start of the inspection window to meet their coach. For larger races and all WJR races, this often means you should be in the lift line 15-20 minutes prior to inspection to be on-time. After inspection, the athlete should be prepared to be at the top of the course for their first race run. We suggest arriving to the top at least 15 minutes before their are scheduled to run. Check the start list and schedule to confirm the approximate time they should arrive. Note that the race organizers try to stay on the posted schedule throughout the day but sometimes they get behind schedule. If that is the case, changes to the schedule are typically posted and/or announced. Between race runs athletes should refuel with a healthy lunch and/or snack. We also encourage that the athletes get out and SKI to keep their muscles active. Please don't sit in the lodge for long periods of time. Race days are busy for the coaches and we make every effort to have a coach at the top of the course and at or near the bottom of the course to support the athletes. Athletes should actively seek out their coach after each race run to receive feedback. Awards are typically given out after the race is completed. 

Video: Our goal is to video the majority of race runs for the athletes to view. If the schedule allows, we will review this video on the hill between race runs. If not, we will review video at the hotel that evening (US Ski racers only) or post it for you to view on the Mad Alpine google drive. 

Live timing/Posted Results: There is generally a score board at the finish line showing your athletes time for each race run. Note that they are unofficial results so there are occurrences when times are written down incorrectly or instances when an athlete is disqualified for improper course execution (i.e. missed a gate). Disqualifications are typically posted on the score board within 15 minutes of the race completion. Looking to follow along? Up to the minute race times are often posted on live-timing (see links page). 

Race Results: Official race results are posted online within in a couple of days following the race. MWAR results click here, go to the 2018 section. US Ski results click here, search for the event.


Taking care of your equipment is important. If you need help on what to do, please let us know. We also recommend Podium Tunes